153. Full Vacation Summary

Since I was a Tad vague about vacation. …

—-I should mention I have stopped giving people code names, good luck catching on—

Vacation Was to Virginia Beach, June 2nd through June 9th.

Party included: Jay, Ashley, A.j, Brittany, Helen, Cassie, joseph, charlotte, and my self.

We arrived early evening on Saturday the 2nd, we quickly unpacked, picked rooms, divided, then met at the pool. If I’m not mistaken the first night Cassie and I drunkenly stumbled to the beach to see the crabs. To my surprise, they were blue. When I was 17, I took a vacation with the girl I was dating at the time, and when she took me to see the crabs on the beach, they were white, so I just assumed. It was an amazing surprise that they were blue, as I have never seen a blue crab in person before. The second day we were there we went to and aquarium, which doubled as a museum. which was a lot of fun. That evening we celebrated Ashleys birthday. We all drank way to much, although the hang over was definitely worth it. It was a great night. It was a nice end, considering that is the day Gabby called me, drawing in hope…again. The following day we just kind of chilled around the house, the pool, went down to the beach. Has a few drinks to end the night. We went putt putting, which was the first time I have ever went. I managed to be a natural and got at least six hole in ones, I got a few after that but I quit counting haha. We took a boat ride to see dolphins, it was a life changing experience to be so close to them, watching them swim and play in the ocean. We also hit the Virginia Beach board walk, which wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, still a great time.

I went out looking for shells everyday, though I never found any shells that were super cool, I did find a few crab claws that are pretty dope. On the 7th …. ( 2 days before we left, so…..right after I wrote the last entry, the  following day….)….that night gabby called me, drunk after her volley ball game. Blamed me for her getting drunk, then said it wasn’t me, said we couldn’t talk again, she has to focus on god. ….

We stopped talking. She snapped me two days ago, of her brother shot gunning a beer. It enraged me, because didn’t she just cry to me that drinking like that is against her beliefs and until she can get it together we cant talk….but shes going to have that around her? Makes it all seem like it was just an excuse again to push me away, makes me realize I was just a joke to her. Puts a small hole in my chest.



Since I have gotten home I have been working, non stop. Screwed my back up, a week before my photo shoot…..figures. Looking for a house to live in, is exhausting. I have no idea the area I want to live in……UGH.

Well, it’s time to shower, since as soon as I got home I set my self up to write. Even though it hasn’t cleared my mind of all that is boiling, at least I have loosened up and wrote about something, even if there’s no depth to it.


vacation pictures to come

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