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This essay is organized in five chapters, and present paper covers the first chapter: I) In the first chapter, we introduce the basic elements of a systemic theory of meaning. (definitions and properties).
We first analyze the definition of the word “meaning” and evidence it’s ambiguity as resulting of its usage centered on human. We propose to overcome this ambiguity by building up a definition for a meaningful information as based on the behavior of a simple living element processing information for the satisfaction of a survival constraint. This definition is formulated by presenting a meaningful information as generated by a system submitted to a constraint. We introduce the notion of Meaning Generator System (MGS) and the cases of transmission or reception of meaningful information. The notion of domain of efficiency of a meaning is correspondingly defined.

In this first  exceptional papers online , we deal only with the systemic presentation of meaning generation, without applying the proposed modelization to specific cases. Corresponding applications will be developped in the following chapters. II) As we are willing to analyse the nature and the manifestations of this “meaning” in the fields of matter, life, human and machines, we will have to characterize these four domains with their corresponding borders. It will be the content of the second chapter.
These four domains have taken place one after the other during the course of evolution of the universe. We will analyze the chaining of these different periods in order to make available a path on which it will be possible to work with our definition of meaning. III) The third chapter will be about the application of the systemic modelization of meaning generation to the three first domains of evolution we are interested with (matter, life, mankind). IV) In the fourth chapter, we will look for possible extensions of our concept of meaning to creations of mankind. We will analyze the possible connections between meaningful information and machines. V) The last chapter will offer a summing up of what has been established as a systemic theory of meaning in the previous chapters. Additional studies will also be proposed.

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