I texted the crisis help line and they never got back to me and my phone went dead!  I charged it, finished my food and tried again outside.  I’m outside the restaurant now.  There are mutliple guilty people here!  This one white bitch said Jake Imboden’s number at me and said she had Satanist friends who do human sacrifice and is batshit crazy.  I’ve seen her here multiple times, but now she’s with some white guy who she said was her husband.  She was laughing inside and calling me crazy and lying to him about me.  


OMG I do NOT talk to “livelihood” wtf ever that is.  I get tortured, interrogated and exploited.  FUCK.  I cannot leave.  There are still  people inside, in the kitchen.  I can’t leave when there is this much danger and people here in person.


The text line should have sent the police from what I said and they didn’t even get back to me!! 

An African American woman who works here and is here now said “Retaliation” and something else and then “Satan” at me, staring at me in my booth, eating my hash browns.  FUCK!

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