positives and stalkers SSDD

I’m eating at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House on S. Kingshighway, here in St. Louis MO.  Of course, there are stalkers here.  There are men in the kitchen, talking loudly enough for the whole restaurant to hear about being “positive” which is slang for murderous.  I already texted a help line and they will send the police without me asking.  My phone died but I’m charging it.  This white bitch shotcalled 35 at me, twice.  That’s John Jacob Imboden’s number, “Jake”.  He’s the one who has been stalking me for 8 years.  He raped me in my house one night, years ago.  He has paranoid schizophrenia and has delusions of grandeur that he is Lucifer.  His is untreated and he smokes marijuana and drinks hard alcohol, in other words, he self medicates.  There are others involved but it’s too many to name.  I am charging my phone and hoping the helpline texted me back as they will help without me asking and having to make a call.  Sucks to be me.

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