Still at Uncle Bill’s

Now one of my stalkers, and I recognize his voice, is lying to people saying that I talk in public.  Nope.  I get tortured, interrogated and exploited by others, everywhere I go.  I can’t stand these “positive” asshole liars.  I wish I could place the voice, because I KNOW I know who it is, but I cannot just burst into a restaurant’s kitchen.  Hopefully, he calms his crazy, lying ass down and fucks off and leaves.  If not, I can get the police or actually, the help text line will do it for me.  Love that text line.  


There’s a woman back there too lying about me as well.


Stalker bitch shotcaller (JJI;s number) is here with her “husband” and has Satanic friends and is all kinds of crazy as she has stalked me here before, but I think without that dude.  She’s steadily lying about me here in a booth in the restaurant.  She is also laughing about it.  She is white, about my height, with many tattoos, a sundress and dark hair pulled back with glasses just like mine from 2009.  She thinks it’s funny, but she won’t when she goes to prison for at least 10 years.  Stupid bitch.

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