Entry #12 – Phone Call of Doom

Not much has changed lately, but the reality of our situation has become that much clearer now that my siblings and I are all a year older than before. Missy is now 19, and has been forced by our father to sign up for online school. Adults can’t sign us up for it if we’re over 18, so Missy and CJ (who just turned 18 today), have to sign themselves up. That’s all well and good, but the process involves a phone call with one of the employees.

As with every of my posts, I must remind you of my ADHD, social phobia, etc. Missy has social anxiety as well, and now has to call the employee. I feel really bad since I know that Missy definitely does NOT want to do this. I wouldn’t either. Being 16 means I’m safe, but I already know that I’m next up on the chopping block in a couple of years.

Being over 18 means that father dearest won’t be getting any money from Missy or CJ unless they’re in school. That’s why this whole process is necessary. But talking on the phone is not something that’s easy in any sense for people like us.

You could liken the feeling of having to speak on someone on the phone to having to go into surgery. The fear and anxiety you feel in both situations makes the two experiences no different. That’s what it’s like to have social anxiety.

Anyway, the situation is resolved now, but I can tell that if I don’t get into school sometime in the next year, I’ll be the one having to make a phone call.

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