Hawaiian Ginger

Read a very discouraging article on how we can’t literally “burn” fat. We don’t literally gain or lose fat. Fat cells only shrink when we lose weight but never go away. We gain more fat cells with age and those that shrink with weight loss only fight like hell to refill themselves which is why lost weight comes right back if we’re lucky to lose it in the first place. I think the best most of us older folks can do is try to eat sensibly in hopes of slowing the gain process and then hope for a medical breakthrough someday. Really think the only way to get around it, though, is to remove the damn fat cells, but oh well. Sometimes you just gotta accept that some things are the way they are and they can’t always be changed. and when they can be, the effort isn’t always worth the results.

Slept shitty, waking up several times along the way. Sometimes I was hot flashing and other times I was too cold. Can’t do much about the hot flashes though I could at least have Tom close the vent a little bit in the bedroom.

I checked my journals to see if I had ever tried Estroven, and as I suspected, I tried it a while back and found that I had a tingling sensation in my mouth and throat. When I called the number on the box, the person I spoke to said that can happen.

I’ve always wanted to stay in an overwater Bungalow, so Tom and I were checking out various vacation packages in places like the Maldives. The problem is that they’re either too far away or the closer places like the Caribbean and Florida that have them are outrageously expensive at 2k a night. Better to go to Hawaii next year if we’re still able to but even if he’s at the same job I don’t know that I’ll be able to handle it with the way I’ve been sleeping so shitty and seem to get more tired with age. This time around I was able to nap for a couple more hours afterward but still, this may simply be the way I’m going to be for the rest of my life just like I’m going to be fat for the rest of my life.

I may not be able to shrink the fat cells but I can at least be a fit fatty so I still keep active whenever possible. It’s definitely important to work my core and do back and ab exercises regularly to avoid backaches. It’s also good to do cardio as often as I can so I’m not out of breath if I suddenly want to do something more strenuous than usual.

Showered with my Hawaiian Ginger shower gel and then used the Hawaiian Ginger lotion afterward, both of which are quite luxurious. 🙂 Skin smells and feels good!

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