Kaitie Kampenfelt

Dear Diary,

You know how you go to a business for the first time and they make you fill out one of those stupid surveys? They ask you a bunch of shit like how was your experience? Or what did you think of our customer service? Or my all time favorite… How did you hear about us? It’s the last question for some odd reason that I always get stuck on. How the hell am I supposed to remember? How am I supposed to know? So… I usually just make up some bullshit off the top of my head, or check a box as indicated on the page. I don’t have an answer. I usually don’t. But for some reason today I do.

Kaitie brought me here. Kaitie Kampenfelt. No… she isn’t a real person just in case you were wondering, but instead a fictional character in 2014 movie called, Ask Me Anything. According to IMDb, it’s a movie about a confused teenager who writes a blog revealing her daily activities and secrets, advised to do so by her high school guidance counselor in lieu of moving onto her first year in college.

Right now I am sitting here staring at this computer screen and biting my lower lip, wondering how the hell this is actually my reality at the moment. I mean… I know… but it’s still a bit hard to wrap my mind around. It’s still tough to process. “I’m actually fucking doing this,” I want to scream into a pillow, half from joy and half from disbelief. I’m actually going to be sharing myself with the faces of a bunch of invisible people probably sitting in the dark somewhere in the world, basking in the fluorescent glow of their computer screens.

I’m a lot like Kaitie. I’m a young, broken, confused, and damaged girl stuck inside of a world that’s pushing me to grow up way too soon, and way too fast. I don’t know anything about anything, and though I have a few sketchy ideas no real, clear picture of what my future looks like. I’m just a lost soul wandering like a gypsy through the night.

Despite all of that though I am feeling very inspired to open up, and share with gawd knows whoever. I’ll share my pestering thoughts, and topsy- turvy emotions, and maybe even a few of my deepest, and darkest secrets. Besides… what could it hurt? We don’t even really know each other, and we can’t even see each other face to face, so what does it matter if I run my mouth, and let my guts spill out over the page like vomit?

So… How did I hear about Goodnight Journal? I told you already. Kaitie brought me here. No… maybe not directly, but she inspired me to do as she did, and here I am. So ask me anything, and I’ll tell you everything.

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