More of the Lord’s good things……

I got all my computer training done at my new job. My first overnite is on Sunday at 9:30. I can’t wait to get started. The only other thing that I need to do is get forklift certification. That won’t be hard. I was certified in another job that I had and I did well in that job with the forklift. 


The Lord’s hand is in everything that has been going on lately, and that of course has a lot to do with the happiness that is bestowed upon my heart. I came home today and my Sister in law asked if I could jump her car. I did and it started up right away, and then I jumped our Suv. I took a couple of turns but, it started up. I took it out for a drive, just up and down the streets around the house. It pulls really bad to the right if I take my hands off the steering wheel. That’s because it has a bald tyre on the passenger side and the drivers side axle needs replaced. It does this shaking bit, which I know has to be related to the fuel system. I’m going to change the spark plugs, the air filter, the oil and the fuel pump when I get my first cheque from work. That should go a long way to get it right again. The only other thing that I need to do is clean out the throttle body. I have a feeling that it may be plugged up a bit. Then, next month I’ll take it in to my mechanic and have him replace the drivers side axle. I can get the other two tyres for it that it needs to complete the set. Then there’s that matter of replacing the instrument cluster panel. I can just take it out, it’s just the matter of some screws and bolts and send it off, and wait for the refurbished one to arrive and I’ll put that back in and we’ll be good to go. We’ll be ready for emissions and registration then. I wouldn’t mind taking that one to work and letting my Wife ride around in the Jag. 

Don’t know what we’re to do tomorrow being its a day off for me. We have our Grandson’s birthday. He is ten now. He’s growing up too fast. He a good little guy though. Smart as a whip, and good looking too. He’s going to have many a young girl looking his way in a few years. 

I’ve got to go check on my EastEnders. 


Hottest team in mlb, My Red Sox. 10 in a row. Let’s see what happens today. I like what I’m seeing though. 




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