Back to Work

Tom will be going back to work at 9:00 Monday morning!

I actually slept okay last time around and the garbage and green waste trucks didn’t wake me up along with anything else. However, my music player’s battery died before I got up which was a little surprising since it’s supposed to have a 30-hour battery life. I won’t take it out of the charger until I’m ready to use it next time around and we’ll see how long it lasts.

For dreams last night, I was surveying a room and deciding how I wanted to rearrange it. It might have been some kind of office.

Then I was excited to be getting permanent hair removal of my legs and told the woman who was going to be performing whatever procedure she was to do for this that I wanted to wait until a couple cuts I had healed.

Then I was filling what looked like a long skinny cardboard box with water for someone.

So nothing important but just senseless, meaningless junk dreams.

2 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. Your dreams could mean that an exciting change is coming into your life. Maybe troubling times left you wounded. What was once empty will soon be full. Congrats to your husband on his new job.

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