Need to buy a planner

I want to buy a planner because my list of “things to do”  are now starting to pile up. I have a take-home assignment for the weekend. Nevertheless, I am enjoying my work. I also need to do budgetting.  I don’t have enough ” me-desk” time nowadays because after work I am tired and I go to sleep. I felt weird because I like my intelligent “gay” workmate. I view him as a “guy” and not as  “gay”, although his gesture and movements are very feminine. Am I weird? I sure am NOT lesbian. I just like intelligent guys that can also relate to women’s feelings regardless of whether they are straight or not. 

I finished washing my clothes this morning. After this “physical task”, I’ll be doing some “mental tasks” related to my job. I just need to eat to have enough energy.

Have a nice weekend

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