First Entry

Hello Goodnight Journal world!  I am pleased to be part of your community!  I am a self-published author who got his start writing on anonymous diary sites similar to this one.  I love how real we can be here.  I like that there is at least one place where you don’t have to pretend to be anything other than what you truly are, and I can’t wait to start writing again!

Like nearly everyone else I am on a search for peace and happiness.  I am a self-help writer not because I have conquered life but because I’ve struggled so much that I’ve been forced to learn a lot of tools, techniques, and wisdom that I am eager to share with others.

I tend to write about the big questions.  What are we?  How do we find happiness?  How do we find our path in life?  What are we capable of knowing and what is beyond our capacity?  What are the most important questions we should be asking?  Why do we suffer and how can we be free from suffering?  What ideals should we strive for?  What is the best way to live one’s life?  I look forward to exploring these questions and many more with you!

2 thoughts on “First Entry”

  1. Hi! I’m self-published, too. Well, paid to have a legit company publish it very nicely. It’s called The Beautiful Truth. by Lynn Roberson. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Christian Supply Spartanburg, SC. I would love for you to read it and comment!! It’s very short and easy and pleasant to read. Good luck with all your writing!

  2. Hi, and thank you for your comment! I will take a look at your book; I love the title. Good luck to you as well!

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