Been a Long Time

It’s been like a month since I’ve made an entry! My daughter tends to borrow my laptop quite a bit, & I’ve also been feeling quite a bit fatigued lately, so I haven’t been writing. Things have been going ok over all. My niece, the one who went to the hospital the last time I made an entry, is doing fine now. Turns out she’s suffering from PTSD stemming from a wreck she & her mom recently had where they hit a deer at night. Long story short…no more riding in a vehicle at night!

As far as my own health, I’m back & forth pn the fatigue & sleeping issues. Other than that, I’m doing pretty well. I even walked 2 houses down to my oldest daughter’s house a few days ago by myself, which since my whole hospital ordeal last year has been completely impossible. The farthest I’ve walked without someone there to make sure I don’t fall has been to my mailbox, so to actually walk by myself 2 doors down made me pretty proud! LOL! 



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