Self-Worth: Brightness and Potential

as humans we talk a lot about happiness, establishing happiness, the absence of happiness, and all else in establishing happiness. to an extent, we almost romanticize it as a specific state of being that we MUST obtain, and if we do, we are supposedly rewarded with some infinite paradise everyone strides for in life.


I am beginning to think otherwise.

the true depiction of happiness isn’t pretty. the real path to happiness is an ugly strenuous journey to nowhere. it’s a broken promise land that no person, no drugs, no object itself can guarantee because happiness… it isn’t certainty. it is only another blurry extension of life in general. it comes and goes like the ocean waves. it’s only momentary, the peak confined to a particular occasion or moment and the longevity seen in subtle choices and perspectives we make on a daily basis.

the reality of it all is hard to swallow. however, maybe once accepting it will feel more like reaching zen. you won’t ever truly reach it, but that isn’t the goal anymore.

to feel something is not a physical space inhabit, it is a mental experience reflective of both our cognitive and emotional intellignce.

from my perspective, it takes time and practice to build this skill, to undo years and years of damaging conditioning to achieve this “happiness.”

the first step is to begin here and now to a new beginning and whatever hopes it gives. I believe we all deserve something that won’t perish after a few moments, a few days, something unyielding to mortality of any other gruesome force.

you experience enough of life and its endless bullshit as is, so here is to taking a moment back each day and redefining it to serve your purpose.

here is to self-love, to gratitude and appreaction. here is to knowing that you’ve done enough and know you are enough. here is to being kind to your soul and admiring the beauty of its strength.

here is to you…

finally realizing your true worth and all the brightness and potential it elicits.

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