What the Lord has put into focus….

I just woke up, ha ha. Well, not just now but at one pm on the dot, as it were. We went to bed at 12:15 this morning but, I didn’t fall asleep until after three in the morning. I slept from then until one. I know that my body needed it My Wife just left to go to work. I have to say this, I love when I have nites off and my Wife and I can eat dinner together at a reasonable time. I don’t ever eat without my Wife, that’s just me. I won’t eat an anything until she gets home. I told her I would right before she left but, I suspect that I won’t. 


Anyways, everything is starting to come into focus. I feel as though we have been living out of a suitcase for some time now. It’s been a rough year this one. We lost Kina on 04 February, then Chester on 01 June. We don’t have our own place yet but, those days are coming to a close. We will be debt free in three to four month, before the start of the new year. We will be in our own place probably in October. We’ll have our Jag parked in our garage that will come with our townhouse. Our babies will be back with us. Momo will be sleeping in our laps in no time. Sylvester will be following us around. I’ll get my other laptop fixed, I dropped it one day and ruined the lcd screen. It can be fixed for less than $100. I’ll be able to be a little more free in spending time to work on my writing. 

I can’t wait until next week when, we can get our new mobiles and then the cases for them. I can then change banks. I’m going to get a Cross pen to do my writing with until I can save up and get the Mont Blanc pen that I want. I’m going to finally get that writing programme and we are going to eat out next Thursday. I told my Wife last nite that I wasn’t to try that toad in the hole recipe as well as that Yorkshire pudding recipe next week. Then after that I want to get into making those egg custard tarts that I have been waning to try forever. 

We’re only a step away from being in the country, having our farmhouse, having some farm animals on our land and living the life that we were meant to live. Right now, it’s only a matter of time before all of that happens in the Lord’s Will. For now though, I want us to start giving back because, it’s the right thing to do. I want to start giving the Lord my tithe, and letting people know the good news that there is salvation from sin and darkness. 


I also want Sylvester and Momo to have either a Brother or a Sister. Whether it be a Maine Coon or a Burmese kitten makes no difference but, I want them to all be a happy family together. We are going to set up the townhouse for them where they’ll have a place to play and be really happy in. They will always be spoiled. They deserve that to the fullest. We love our babies, and they love us. We’re all one big and happy family. 


I also can’t wait until we can get our little cottage in England which, I know will happen when I get published. That in and of itself is only a matter of time. 


For right now, I have to go work on my revisions. 




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