Dear journal, 

After a lot of thoughts and continuing the journey with trying to figure out what I wanted to do about the whole situation, I’ve decided to not even try anymore. 

She has made it apparent that she is 100% uninterested in making things work. And honestly I don’t even care anymore because with me wasting my time on her she is causing me so much stress that doesn’t even need to be a thing… like why am I causing myself so much stress about a human that once we move out I would only have to deal with on an occasional basis? 

She is just self centered and only concerned about herself. She legit doesn’t care about making anyone else happy but herself, our Suegra, and her family.. she barely even tries to make sure her bf is happy. 

Also if I did half the shit she did I would legit get in trouble and not only that but I would be chewed out and questioned for why I don’t hang out with the fam or why I treat people like shit.. 

The worst part is that I can’t prove any of it. I can’t prove her motives, nor can I prove the way she acts because she’s only rude and inconsiderate when nobody else is around… 

Alright I should probably stop ranting considering I should be getting over this bitch and her rude ass attitude.. 🙄

One thought on “8/2/2018: I DONT EVEN TRY ANYMORE”

  1. Stay strong. Show her that you have moved on and will not let her get to you. She sound like someone who take pleasure in making you feel this way. Don’t try to interact with her much and stay true to yourself. If nobody else can see what you see then they are blind. They will have to learn for themselves. You just keep going on and love yourself! 🙂

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