“KISS AND TELL” (One Party’s Living Hell)

“Gentlemen don’t kiss and tell.”

Enlighten me, please, since I’ve been very skeptical with that phrase lately. Forgive me sarcasm, since I’m rather faithless with the idea itself.

First of all, what makes a guy a real gentleman? Is it from the way he’s dressed? Is it just from how often he opens doors for women or helps to carry their heavy stuff?

Is it from how confident he is about himself? Many may freely claim themselves gentlemen. Some only go as far as the words they say.

Some other try to prove it through their real actions. How long will that last? No idea. It depends, I guess. Whether they really mean it or just want to put on a show, we will soon find out.

We’re all bound to, because nobody can keep up with their own scheming lies for that long. No matter how smart they (think they) are, the truth will eventually come out.

No matter how rare they seem, there are still some real gentlemen out there. They don’t feel the need to claim that they are. They know it’s as phony as any guy protesting: “But I’m a nice guy!” over bitterness after a woman has rejected him.

They never care what others think of them. These men simply do their best by being kind to other people. They don’t cherry-pick. It’s not just for the pretty young ones or the women they’re really interested in.

In other words, they’re not trying hard to impress. They don’t have to, because they already are gentlemen. No need to brag, explain, boast about, or even prove it. They let their actions do most of the work.

“I’m a gentleman. I don’t kiss and tell.”

Really? If they claim they are while demanding a woman to give them what they want, then that’s a warning sign there. A real gentleman understands that ‘no means no’ and does not push it.

Otherwise, how can they make any woman really feels safe with them – like they’ve always promised?


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