Nothing Worth Writing About

I was actually going to wait until this evening to write to you, but it turns out that sometimes life throws you curve balls. Today while we were driving the hour and forty-five minutes to the college campus, the truck went off of the road. We were driving behind like seven cars in a row, and suddenly fourteen minutes or so outside of town all of the cars made a sudden stop. My soon to be mother-in-law had looked away for just a second and still had her foot on the gas. She didn’t have any time to put her foot on the break, so she had to swerve off of the road in order to avoid hitting the vehicles in front of us, and then swerve back on. Everybody was screaming their lungs out, but she held on tight to the wheel and safely brought us back onto the road.

I don’t know if you know anything about the terrain in Arizona but it’s rugged, dusty, and harsh. So… that moment was a pretty scary one for me…for everyone right then. I had to write because more than anything today I am grateful to be alive right now, and not in a ditch or lying in wreckage at the bottom of a cliff somewhere on a highway in AZ. That would have been a terrible, terrible thing. Anyway, I will be back later to write some more, but but for now I gotta go. The day is still young. TTYS

# # #

My teeth freaking hurt. No… I take that back. They only hurt when I eat actually. My teeth tingle. It’s because my wisdom tooth over on my left side is growing in as slowly as ever, and it is sitting directly on top of my nerve, pinching the fucking hell out of it, and because of that the rest of my teeth have become uberly sensitive. My wisdom teeth have actually been growing in for the past year or so, but my body does this really weird thing where it starts to grow and then it stops, and then it starts to grow and then it stops again. It usually takes a helluva long time, and involves at least a little bit of bodily pain of some sort.

# # #

I made it home safely and nothing else special or important or newsworthy happened today… so I am going to sign off until tomorrow. I hope that you have a wonderful evening. And this might be terribly southern of me to say, but put a big old slice of cake under your pillow tonight for sweet dreams! 😉

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