3 Hours of Stress



Yesterday was an interesting day for Pascagoula Mississippi. This is my neighborhood. My street where I live. There was a 3+ hour long standoff. U.S Marshall’s were looking for a murder suspect. He had murdered someone in L.A California. It all began with a loud BOOM. It sounded like a cannon going off.. I’m sure it could be heard from streets away.. I looked out my window to see a swat team perched behind trucks with their guns ready pointed at the front door.. Two people came walking out hands up and listening to police.. One male and one female, both later released. I kept my eyes on the main situation at hand.. There was a third subject in the house because you could hear them calling his name over the loud speaker telling him to come out because they had the house surrounded. They told him if he did not come out that they would send the dogs in after him.. several minutes went by of them trying to convince him to come out.. Finally we watched as an officer got close to the open front door and threw what seemed to be a little RC car with a camera attached.. used to locate the suspect in the house.. about 5 minutes after they got the car camera in the house the suspect slammed the door shut.. 

They continued to speak to him over the loud speaker trying to get him to come out peacefully. All of a sudden your hear a car come flying down the road and the squeel of tires and breaks and you see several law enforcement officers point their guns at the car and scream WHOA WHOA WHOA! The driver of the car jumps out and starts screaming… They calm her down and walk her to a vehicle to talk to her.. Minutes turned to hours.. As more and more Officers from SEVERAL agencies showed up. Two different county Sheriffs, 3 city police departments, as well as the US marshalls and They even had the fire department there with their trucks blocking off the end off the streets so that no one else can come down the streets.. Eventually they turned off the water and power to the house.. They then started negotiations with him.. Finally after about 30-45 minutes after they turned the water and power off he came out peacefully…. while eating some food. 


At the beginning pf this entry there is a link to the local news article that has a video with it.  

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