[328] ~*Sat – 08/04/18*~

[11:28 pm]

Man! It feels good to have my hair cut. I mean, my hair wasn’t that long. It was just touching my shoulders but it was just too long for me, especially with this darn heat. It feels so nice to have it cut. I can’t believe how well it actually dried up by itself. The last time I had went to the hairdresser, she had did some french braids in my hair so we could show off all the colors so she did the same this time but when my hair was wet cause it was now too short to do the braids dry. That said, she did the braids and didn’t dry my hair so it dried by itself and usually it’s a real mess when I let it dry by itself but tonight it was actually not bad. She wanted to change my teal to lime green as I’ve been wanting that color in my hair for ever but I wasn’t sure about it so I just didn’t do it this time. I’m scared of how the lime will come out as my hair is a bit too dark for it and even with bleaching my hair isn’t virgin so it won’t come as blond as it should so the color won’t take as it should. That said, I wasn’t willing to try it today. I know the Medium had said I should keep doing my color but I feel for a change. I still want a bunch of colors but just different ones. I’m not sure what I’d want thought. I told the hairdresser I was gonna go with black, orange and lime green for Halloween. Haha! I go every two months so in two months from now it would be Halloween time so who knows what I might do. I hate changes but for some reason I just feel for a change with my hair as I’ve had this color for like a year and a half now. We shall see, I have time to think about it.

After I was done with my hair we went to the Casino cause she thought she had a Bonanza tonight but she didn’t. She still went to the buffet as she had a free one but I didn’t like what they had tonight so she sadly went to eat by herself. While she was eating I played mom’s $15 and didn’t win anything. I did super good cause I didn’t even touch my own money, I stopped after that free money was gone.

It’s already so late and I feel like I haven’t done anything as I just got home not long ago. I got home and hopped in for a quick shower as I had hair everywhere. The joys of a fresh haircut. I checked my hair real quick and I think it’s fine but it’s hard to tell cause I don’t really see the purple as it’s in braids. I will only be able to really tell once I get rid of those which I hope will only be in a like a week. Haha! I want to keep them as long as I can but she didn’t put any hairspray on this time so I don’t know if it will hold as long as last time. My hair is also shorter so it prob won’t stay in as well either. We shall see. I just hope my purple won’t act up like last time.

I was soooooo happy this morning when I looked outside and saw that it had rain. It wasn’t raining anymore but I knew my client wouldn’t go to the beach cause it had rain and it made me so darn happy. No beach for me and that was totally fine.

I went to see Christopher Robin with my second client which was cute. I enjoyed the movie.

I still don’t know if I’m going to my mom’s place on Mon or not. I haven’t decided. I really want to go but I’m scared it’s gonna be too warn and that I’ll have a hard time sleeping and will be tired for the rest of the week. 

I finished watching Desperate Housewives last night and the ending is TERRIBLE. It’s such a cliffhanger and gives an opining to a total new show. Arg!


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