Late Night Thoughts

   Well first time being on here, i am not 100% sure if i am doing this right but lets try it. I’ve been thinking about trying to find an online journal that i could go on and just write down what i feel and get advice whenever it calls for it. I guess now would be one of those times, i just got out of my longest relationship about i guess you could say a month ago, it really feels like it was just last week, We drifted apart and i confronted him about it and gave him a choice and said he loved me… but a week after the confrontation he got sent to camp and broke up with me on snapchat saying we needed space and that he wants to be friends, we’ve known each other since 4th grade and we’re going into our senior year we dated for a year and a half so we had a pretty good friendship going before we dated and now things seem awkward, his mom texts me and lets me know how he’s doing since us being friends after we dated is literally not talking at all. She’s like a mother to me and i’m glad i have a good woman role model in my life but i don’t know if i should just let them all go and move on. I dont really know how to because ive never had a relationship go the way this one did… Any Advice from someone reading?

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