People lie. Big deal. Why do we make such a fuss about that? We lie too. It’s really hard not to.

People lie for so many reasons. They may do that to themselves, in order to survive. It’s their own self-defense and coping mechanism. They lie out of fear or in absolute denial. They hide secrets or live under constant threats. They’re also afraid to face reality as it is.

Some others lie to protect other people, either out of love, sad obsessions, or else. It doesn’t matter that the people they love cause others pain. It’s just blind loyalty instead of ‘tough love’.

Perhaps they’re also afraid of being alone. They have self-esteem issues that when one person shows an intense interest in them, they just don’t want to let go. They don’t care if that person may not treat them right, but they choose to deny it. It’s love, after all. They should take them as they are, right?

There are others who lie for the sake of lying. It may start off with one little white lie, just like “The Talented Mr.Ripley”. Once they realise that they (can) get away with it, they start doing the same thing again and again, until it escalates.

Not long after that, it becomes a habit. There’s that comfort in deceiving others and not getting caught, either gaining for some sick, personal benefits, or just for fun of lying itself. It’s a very addictive and dangerous game.

Before they know it, they soon prepare more and more excuses every time they fear they might get caught. They blame others all so easily in order to save themselves.

They’re selling their own souls to the devils, bit by bit. In the end, they simply have nothing left…



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