Dear Diary,

It’s really weird right now for me. Remember that I told you about my college classes? Well, I’ve been having a lot of issues with registration and stuff. It seems like every corner that I turn around that there is a new obstacle waiting to be faced, and frankly it is driving me just a little nutty. My sister- in- laws (there are two) and my boyfriend are already registered and taking classes, and it’s more than a little hard for me to sit around the dinner table and hear their stories about what their learning, and their teachers, and classmates, and new friends. I feel so left out of the loop.

It’s also a little embarrassing for me as the older one knowing that I should have graduated high school a long time ago, and been in college by now. I mean I know that it wasn’t my fault, because there was a lot of stuff going on that was going on. Physically, mentally, emotionally, environmentally, financially, etc. But know that doesn’t make it any better. It just makes it all the worse, because then I start thinking about all of the things that I could have done to change my circumstances and shit.

Oh and by the way, I have quit at my one highschool and switched to another. I was doing really well too. 80 is lowest grade that I have gotten so far, and the rest are 95’s and 100’s. I only had fourteen more classes left to go, and I was about to blow those out of the water, but my mother-in-law suggested that I switch, because the one that I was at I had to pay for, and this new one is free. She says I should be getting as much free stuff as I possibly can now, and not waste a thousand dollars on the other stuff. I am kinda pissed but hey I’m trying my best to roll with the flow. So yeah. I am supposed to be enrolled by the 13th of August, but guess what? I am having enrollment issues there too! Go figure.

# # #

Other than that not too much has been happening. Just a lot of thinking about life, and the future, and college, and being an EMT and a firefighter, and the whole wife thing, and all of that. There is a lot on this brain of mine, but nothing to really worry about. Until next time. Peace.

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