Forgiving is letting go!

Hi Bro!

How are you? It’s been a while. Look what i found, i formerly write to you with notebook and pen. Now! I’m so improvised, its now online. First of all, I’m so sorry Bro i kept my mind to this guy i met few months ago. It was a terrible thing i did for myself. I fell into trap where it was hard for me to recover. But yesterday, when i went to church,I felt it God. I felt your promise to me, which i failed to trust. I felt your plans to me, that everything is in place and all that i have to do is say YES to your plan. I’ve been lost and i almost slipped in your hands. Thank you for your love, and thank you for allowing also to forgive myself for what i have done. I saw all the signs, but i was so blinded before. Now, you’ve given me this situation to test me and i don’t know if i graduated with honors or failed and disappointed you. I was just so hurt, i can’t even say the right words to this person who hurt me. I wanted to know everything from him, but i can’t ask it because i was too scared but then all the way, i was struck with the reality. Haizt!!!! Last Friday i received this call for work and it’s in a place where i could start new. Can i ask Bro? Can i take this now? I really badly need a new start…i think this would be a first step to it. I am not afraid, because I know i have you ALWAYS!


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