Had a great nite last nite at work. Spent my lunch (At 1 am mind you) talking to my Co-worker David. He’s a very cool guy. He knows a lot of stuff about being in the country and farming so, does my other Co-worker Don. I need to pick their brains about some of the things that I have questions about. 

When I came home this morning, I looked over when I got into our bedroom and saw my Wife clutching my pillow. I thought that it was the most cutest thing that I ever have seen, and I told her so. I couldn’t stop kissing her. 

I still haven’t slept yet. I’m going to get something to eat in a little while then I think I’ll close my eyes. I haven’t worked on my revisions in a couple of days but, I am on 123 pages so, I’m not too overly concerned about that as of the moment. I’m going to definitely work on it tomorrow and my days off. 

I’m going to sign up for Manchester United tv on Wednesday. I can’t wait until then when we get our new mobiles. I’m going to get a new pair of Levi’s and a couple of new shirts., I need a really good pair of sneakers, probably Nike’s. Then we’re going out to the movies and dinner on that same nite. Friday, Manchester United starts the season and we’re going to the fish and chips place to watch it.

Things are starting to look up. It’s amazing the things that can happen when you have the patience to wait for it. I have been thinking about the animal foundation a lot further, I am going to go through with it. I know quite a bit about cats. I haven’t had a dog for a a very long time, over twenty years. I will have to familiarize myself with them again. I also need to research animal cpr so that I know what to do in emergency situations, and have several first aid kits on hand if something should ever happen. I looked it up today, the have a website called the Cats Inn, where they sell these really nice townhomes that they make for cats. They can house a multi cat family, and they look like they’re very well made. I was thinking about going a little further and making for the animals a little bed and breakfast type of stay for them. They should be pampered. I do want to make it affordable for everybody. I know how hard it is to come by money and try to afford things. I think you tend to think like that when you don’t come from money. 

I know that with the way that I express myself in writing that, I will have to at times write to some influential people to have to try to get things movies perhaps in legislature to get things moving in the right directions to affect some new animal welfare going forward. 



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