Went to PA to assist a disabled lady in leaving a bad living situation. Got sunburned. Additionally, I got a flat tire on the way back on some random back road (680 & 224 & 80 are closed).

I couldn’t decide if I was being punished…despite making frequent attempts to atone for my sins.

Or was it a double lesson regarding the fact I need to rely on myself & no one else? Perhaps a lesson that I could help someone solo AND I could change the tire/make it home on my own without GPS as well?

Hmm. Not yet sure. Could simply be the universe can hear my thoughts & knows the horrid things that run through my mind every waking hour?

At any rate, I’m going to go ahead & complete the life coach course. I continue to answer the crisis calls/texts from everyone. I may as well make sure I am doing it correctly. Hey…maybe THAT’S what the burned skin & ruptured tire were about?

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