Something keeps going around my mind.. why do we have friends? Then I remembered that it’s because there meant to test our willpower and strength as a person as i noticed there worse than enemies.. take for example a woman who I’ve known for years.. goes to every lesbian meet up and reckons to always have my back.. she’s the “pretty tom boy”’out the group, everyone always wants her.. and she loves the attention.. well she’s ALWAYS on social media saying how much she’s always the good friend, the loyal one.. well yeah.. I went on holiday with her and her kid and me and my kid and the entire time she drove me insane, she wanted to make women jealous and I wanted the world to think I was happy with a smile.. paint a happy mask of charades with pictures.. she always wanted to make the plans, always brought whatever I did, when we got back she completely shut me out.. she arranged a get together, said she’s inviting all her friends and not once has she said two words to me.. I’ve not even had one message since we got back.. publicly putting on her Facebook a meme about how there’s always one embarrassing friend she doesn’t need around her in public! I’ve got about another 5 on my Facebook and Phone book alone that only want me when there’s something they need doing! And here’s me that has to try and control my darkest thoughts and anger to stop myself from doing things that i would regret but people are pushing my buttons and I’m already giving up

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