Many, many heartbreakers wear too many masks. They have plenty of sets for different people and various occasions. They don’t want anybody to see the real them, like ever.

Why? How come? Believe me, it’s not always because they’re so damn ugly that people can’t stand to look at them.

In fact, they look so normal. Some can be beautiful. It’s just the roleplaying game they love. Maybe they don’t like being their real selves. Perhaps they feel that they’re not good enough, so they choose to become someone else.

Well, even if they’re really that lonely, that’s still not an excuse to play many others around.

These heartbreakers don’t just break their victims’ hearts. They destroy their faith in a lot of good things that still exist in this life, no matter how rare they seem:

  • Genuine kindness.
  • Trust in people.
  • Love

Never expect them to take the responsibility for what later happens to their victims. (Do you dare accuse them of playing victims with you, heartbreakers? They’re really yours! Shame on you, bitches!)

It doesn’t matter that they should be held accountable for their words and actions. There’s another thing that they’ve caused their victims too:

They start wearing masks as well. They don’t want to because they don’t like it. Besides, they’re not you. The heartbreakers have disgusted them way too much that they want to throw up at even the thought of them.

However, unfortunately, they have to. They hide their mental scars from their loved ones. They must keep up with their pride.

“It’s okay. I’m fine.”

However, such assurance does not come from themselves. It’s their masks that do the talking and convincing. Their loved ones can’t know or they’ll be worried. Perhaps, they might also be scared and disappointed.

How long will it last, though? If you’re in this state, what will you do? You know you’re no heartbreaker. You don’t even want to be like any of them. They’re disgusting!

They may be able to put up with these false pretenses – possibly for the rest of their lives. Let that be their choice. You never have to do the same, even for the sake of looking tough. You know you. They’ve lost them.

There’ll be times when you realise how bloody exhausting their masquerades have always been. You can stop being part of their sick, twisted game. Just remove and get rid of your mask for good. I know it’s hard, but you should.

Next? It’s okay to admit this, both to yourself and the people who really, really care about you:

“I’m tired. I need help.”

Sometimes, it’s the only way…

“We’re lost inside this lonely game we play.” – “This Masquerade” by. The Carpenters ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GChYjK8rIk )


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