[330.1] ~*Wed – 08/08/18*~

[11:41 pm]

I feel so blah right now. I want to read and watch a show but yet I don’t want to do anything. I came to bed early thinking I’d go to sleep early as I felt tired but yet I’ve been reading since and I sorta don’t even want to go to sleep.

I worked for my two hours and that was hellish. I couldn’t even make it the two hours, I had to puke. I really don’t enjoy when I have to puke in public places, even less when I’m working cause I always feel like shit afterward.

It was sorta cool this evening so I wanted to mow at least the front lawn but with me puking and feeling like shit I didn’t do it. I would of only gotten like 20 mins before sunset anyways.

I’m just in a very blah, sad, depressed mood right now. I’m reading but my mind is thinking about all sort of things that makes me sad. I kinda wish I had someone to talk to but don’t really have anyone. I was almost tempted to just join a random chat. I miss having friends to talk to right now. I just feel so lonely.

I basically just had three days off and I already don’t want to work tomorrow. I have just been wanting to stay hidden in my bedroom. I don’t know what to do with myself.


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