[331] ~*Thu – 08/09/18*~

[10:22 am]

Yep, once again I am at the library on a Thu’s morning. This is the fourth week in a row that my first client is a no show and I’m getting pretty pissed off about it. She could at least call the office to let them know that she won’t be home. I know it’s free hours but still, I could of stayed in bed or be with someone that needed the time.

It was very nice outside this morning, it was cool and would of been perfect to mow the lawn so I had decided that if my client ended up not being there I would head back home to mow at least the front lawn. Sadly, it started raining when I was leaving. Bleh! I’m really starting to wonder when I’ll ever have the chance to mow this darn lawn of mine. As long as my neighbor doesn’t do his, I’m fine. I would just like to get it done cause it’s looking terrible. I had told myself the last time that it wouldn’t get to this point again but look at me now. It’s just been way too hot to get to it and I think this time has been longer than the first time. Arg! I’m debating on looking online to hire someone to come do it for this one time as I didn’t hire anyone the last time I wanted to do it.

Using a PC is making me realize how slow my laptop now is. The pictures are loading way faster on this than my laptop. I know I need to format my laptop but I’m too lazy to do so cause I don’t want to have to reinstall everything afterward. 

The other night I had some of my hair stain the upstairs bathroom counter top so I scrubbed it to get rid of the stain but I sorta took off the wax and now I can see where I scrubbed. I mean, someone else prob wouldn’t see it but I surely do, especially when the sun shine in there. I walked by the bathroom without even going in it this morning and the spot was just there. Arg! I really hate how I let everything affect me. It’s been driving me crazy so I’ve been looking online to see how to polish counter top and saw that you could use beeswax. Now I need to find myself some beeswax. I’m sure I will eventually forget about it but yea, every time there’s a new “scratch” in my life it bothers me for weeks before I slowly forget about it. I mean, my eyes kept going to that darker spot where the microwave is and I could see myself just going in there and looking at it for the heck of it but I now forgot about it. I have surprisingly been good with the scratches that hub did in the family room, I haven’t spent too much time looking at them. I’m trying to tell myself it’s done, it’s done, can’t go back in time. Its’ either live with it or try to find a way to fix it but it’s not something that needs to be fix RIGHT AWAY cause it’s nothing no where near major. Things could be way way worse, I need to start telling myself this and believe it. I’m also wondering if beeswax could fix those scratches on the floor.

Like I’ve said at the beginning of my entry, I’m currently at the library to kill some time as my client was a no show. For some reason, daycare’s seems to come at the library in the morning and today they are driving me crazy as they are upstairs and making noises. I always thought a library should be a quiet place. What the heck happened to that rule?! Surely isn’t quiet over here and I have earbuds in my ears, listening to music right now.

Alright, they are driving me nuts with their loudness so I need to get out of here. I need to use the washroom before I go so I guess it’s about that time anyways as I have my next client in 15 mins.


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