Return to Tokyo

Osaka was a blast, Ayato’s got friends everywhere it seems. 
We went to Universal Studios, it was sooooo fucking hot. 

Now we’re back in Tokyo, this is my last week here. I’m sad to be leaving my babe, but I have to spend time with my family too, before I got to go back to Berkeley. 

My favorite part of this trip, has been the highlight of watching the Naruto play in Tokyo. DUDE!!! NARUTO IS MY FAVORITE ANIME EVER OF ALL TIME. And with that said, I bought way too many nendoroids and weeb shit. I have literally 4 suitcases filled with manga, a few plush, scale figures, and anime clothes. I had to buy 4 new suitcases here to pack all of my stuff. Yes, I might have gone overboard, but I couldn’t resist. Especially anime alleys, and the prices! 

Anyway, like I said I’m sad to be leaving my baby, but he’s staying a bit longer because he is applying for jobs in Tokyo. 🙁 I’m happy for him, but also kinda scared/sad and don’t want to think about the very possible future of us living in two different countries. Just because, in the back of my mind, I know that if that happens . . . well I promised myself a long time ago that I would never be in a long distance relationship. And I don’t intend to break that promise. 🙁 

But, instead of getting worried over something that hasn’t even happened yet. I actually need to be worried about other things , like getting the morning after pill here is HELL. First, its not over the counter, you need a doctor prescription. And it is expensive to see a doctor in Japan, more than I thought it would be. No insurance, just cash. I’m actually a pretty responsible girl, but during our trip from Osaka to Tokyo I lost a bag that contained my makeup, lotions, and birth control pills. And, well . . . I will only take half of the blame here actually. 


Anyway, my flight leaves Sunday. 
I hate flying but whiskey helps. 

But Tokyo to Aspen is a long ways away. 
I might need the whole bottle.


2 thoughts on “Return to Tokyo”

  1. Hello, I’m glad to read you’ve had a really fun trip 😀 Certainly need to enjoy ourselves while we can. Life is too short, so ‘m glad you’re not at all worried about the extra suitcases! Sign of a great time 🙂 I certainly hope the journey isn’t too bad…I think the journey flying to Mexico is more than enough for me so I can’t imagine much further! Don’t worry too much about your relationship, with long distance relationships only time can tell so best to live in the moment which seems like what you’re doing anyway 🙂

    Thank you so much again for your comment on one of my entries recently, it was even more beautiful than the last one! Really don’t deserve it but I certainly appreciate you taking your time to read and reply and well, not many people try so hard to put themselves in other people’s shoes, very hard way to think! I just can’t thank you enough. Keep living in the moment, travelling to others places is a wonderful thing to do 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment, Rogue.
    I’m wishing you the best, and praying for you.

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