Dear Diary,

Wow! I can’t freaking believe that I’ve made it this far. I have officially been writing in this journal for 28 days. That is a freaking world record for me. The longest that I have ever committed to anything longer than seven days was three months, so this is actually right up there with that. Pretty damned awesome. Pretty freaking impressive. Almost at one whole month.

I am not going to sit here and lie to you. It has been so damned hard at times to write about the things that I have held inside for so long. I was afraid to let them out, to let them go. Afraid of the unknown, afraid of what other people might think or say, and afraid of actually giving myself a chance to live my life. But now that I actually think about it… it’s not all that scary, and sometimes it comes natural. Like breathing.

I am very proud of myself, and wishing myself a happy twenty eighth!

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