156. Transformation

FINALLY!, I’ll be receiving a promotion at work. The big man on campus told my foreman he wants me completely trained and foreman ready by September 1st. I’ll get my own truck, and a fat raise. Most likely he will try to convince me to go commission, though I’m not sure that’s the route I want to go. It really all depends if it’s going to be local work, or if I’ll be traveling a lot. Eitherway, I am beyond ready and excited about this transition in work. No more long hours on the roof in the winter. 

Asusual, Gabby hit me up to hang out this past weekend. She came out late on Saturday, we hung out, had a movie night. As I expected, she spent the night. We hung out for most of the morning Sunday, ended up fooling around. We talked that evening and a little today. What is going through her mind I have no idea, though I dont have the strength to tell her to stay away from me. I know i shouldn’t let her draw me it and push me away, but I cant help but hold on to the thought that, sometime with her is better then none at all. It isn’t like I’m looking to be with anyone else, considering I’m disgustingly wrapped up in her. 

Something was different this time when she kissed me….she hasn’t kissed me that….passionate since we first met. She did it so suddenly too. We were simply laying here after breakfast goofing around, talking, she sat up straddled my waist, leaned over me, looked me straight into my eyes without saying anything, then just went for it. Making out with her sets my body on fire as it is, but she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me closer to her and squeezed her thighs around me.

I. Swear. Time. Stopped. 

I get goosepimples thinking about it. My heart pounded in my chest, like the first time we ever really made out in the back of Ashley’s car. 

I swear to god I hate the fact she has this control over me, but I admit I’m an addict. 

Other news: 

My photographer and I are planning another shoot for next month. I’m really excited for this one, as I have been hitting the gym along with following a strict diet. My physique has come a long way, actually quite proud of my self for the progress I have made in the past month  let alone the past year. When i took the time to make a comparison last week. I blew my own mind. Personally I dont care if others think it’s a spectacular transformation but I do. Physically, with mentally i am stronger, more secure in my self and my appearance. I deal with less chronic pain, less depression, I sleep better, and for once i enjoy the appearance of the man staring back at me. It’s been years since I have been able to be comfortable in my own skin. 

My one year transformation:

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