My younger brother

Things have been crazy around here these past few days. My brother, Zac, is also diabetic, & is just as stubborn as I am. So when he got an infection in his left big toe last year, he wouldn’t go to the doctor for it. By the time he finally went, they had to amputate the toe. Shortly after, the infection came back with a vengeance, but once again, he had no intention of going to the hospital, because he knew he would end up being admitted, & he hates it. So….he finally agreed to go this past Sunday. Crystal (his wife) took him to the ED that afternoon, & they did xrays & a CT scan. All of the bones in his foot were broken, & the infection had gotten into the bones to the point that they were just mush, according to the surgeon. They ended up having to amputate half of his foot. Two hours after he got out of the OR, he was demanding that Crystal bring him home. AS IF! Obviously she refused, & when the nurses came in to check on him, she took the opportunity to head home. Not 20 minutes later, he called to tell her he had WALKED to the cemetery down the street, & to come pick him up!!!! Long story short, she went back & found him in a huge pool of blood, on the verge of passing out. When she got him back to the ED, the doc told her he wouldn’t have made it another 5 minutes. 

And here I thought my 3 days of flu was bad!!!!!!!!

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