I am the Sea

I resemble that of the changing of the sea.
Rapid currents underneath the surface.
Sometimes I’m a calming, gentle quiet.
Sometimes thunderstorms flourish.
Many parts of me tend to go unnoticed.
Defeated battles hidden deep beneath the tides.
Sometimes I ease into the nature of life-
sometimes I fight it.
Continuous sight, vast open mind,
light turns to darkness, darkness turns to light.
As if time stood still- I turn into an eerie silence,
then quickly the waves imitate that of a riot.
Images, history, memories turn to fossilized stone,
that all of what is me- will forever hold.
Many unique beauties I keep all to my own.
Unless you’re a worthy treasurer digging to know.
Back and forth, Back and forth,
I am the sea.
A non stop cycle of repeated changing in me.

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