Anything else???

What’s next?? Now I’m going to loose everything I have in that storage unit??? Why is everything falling to pieces.   How much can I be tested.   I can’t fight for much longer. Especially with the coming weeks ahead.  I won’t survive.  Maybe I just won’t ever wake up from being under.   I wish I could just sedate myself enough so I’m numb all the time.   I just want to take myself away.   Away from everyone.  Away from myself.  I’ve been trying to do things for myself and stay positive.  Not to even come close to slipping in that dark hole again.   But I’m walking in circles.  And every path available to me is leading me back to that hole that pit of darkness   I’m trying  to pave my own way but I don’t have the tools and the strength now   I’m screaming for help    Why can’t anyone hear me?? Why am I so misunderstood??? Why am I not worth anything  even to myself   


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