Deadbeat Baby Daddy

So Mike likes to tell everyone that I keep the kids from him.

You know, the kids he LIVES WITH! He even says this shit to his dad, WHO LIVES WITH US! 

SMH. I just can’t even…..

In the morning, I get up with the kids and get them ready for school. I get them breakfast, get them dressed, make sure their teeth are brushed, their shoes are on, the lunchboxes are packed…he lays in his bed…in the living room…pretending to be asleep.

We get home in the afternoon and he hides outside in his shed while I get their homework done, and make them dinner and get them ready for what ever activity/sport we have that evening. He doesn’t even come in to say hello to them.

I’ll send them out to tell him goodbye before we leave, assuming he didn’t just leave without saying anything. 

We get home, around 8 and usually he isn’t here, so I get them showered and in their jammies, and get their dessert, and read them their stories. IF he comes home, he just hides outside and NEVER comes in to see them. 

I have been home almost ALL day today, with the exception of from 930-12 today for soccer practice and a quick stop at wal-mart. He has been here ALL DAY. Hiding. Outside. He didn’t not come in the house ONCE to say hello to his children.

But I keep his kids from him…

Does he not know how fucking stupid he looks and sounds telling people this? 

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