Letter #1 – Dear Aria

Dear Aria,

Hey, remember me? It’s been a week since I was the faceless voice who answered your call and helped you out with renting storage. It was one of those too few and far between type phone calls where I felt as if I’d genuinely made a new friend.

You shared some of the most recent painful details of your life with me, and from the cheerful tone in your voice I never would have known otherwise what a nightmare you were going through. You taught me a life lesson, and you ensured that a little piece of you would always be with me, even though we may never speak to each other again.

Your conversation and instant friendship toward me were the best twenty minutes of my day; your kindness and your spirit are what helped me get through the rest of my day, one day of countless days in which other faceless voices insult me, belittle me, or bring me to tears.

I hope that someday I will find the strength and courage to walk away, with a smile on my face, and follow in your footsteps to a happier tomorrow. When that day comes, maybe you’ll pause for a moment. A Mona Lisa smile will lightly raise your lips, for a reason you may never know, and just like that it will pass.

I wish I could have taken you up on your offer to text you if I ever needed someone to talk to; there is still so much more I feel I could learn from your example. And I want to know how your story ends. What career path will you follow next? What amazing thing has the love of your life done to show you what you mean to him recently? It pains me to lose out on the friendship of such a bright soul due to corporate regulations, but maybe that wasn’t the end of our story after all, just the last page of a very short chapter. Somehow, maybe, these words will find their way to you.

Starfish wishes,

The Moonlit Mermaid


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