To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved – Why am I this person?

This is going to be a long one. I don’t know where to start exactly, I guess I hope to look back and read what I’ve written today, and have a laugh. Or… feel completely grossed out by how stupid and naive I was and reminisce about the simpler times when things actually fall to shit one day. Who knows, it could always be worse, and let’s be honest worst has happened to others, so it can never be that bad. For now, this will just a massive compilation of words and feels.

The theme of my entries is based off “To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved”. Yes, it’s a cheesy teen romance movie, but it’s made me feel blissful and feel the need to write something haha. You have been warned if you feel annoyed, or if half of what I’ve written is cringeworthy.

So if we’re going by the same theme as the movie let’s talk about the boys I’ve ever loved – M, R, J, and K. Well maybe I didn’t love them all, but I sure did feel an overwhelming amount of emotional exhaustion from all of them.

We’ll talk about M in my next entry first.






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