An issue has popped up /_\

Hey random reader..i know it’s been a hot min since I wrote last but life got me all hung up and what not I totally spaced about writing..anyways I have an issue pfft don’t we all aha but no on a serious note..i have always had relationship issues if u ever read my prev. Entries current bf of about 4 years now we have grown mm distant now I’m not sure how distant but like the most obvious ones are he’s not sexually active like he used to be ..he will hold my hand and let me lay on him every once in awhile and he will give me small pecks on the lips every now and again ..other than that we don’t touch anymore. And that might not seem like a relationship threatened at all to some of you guys but tbh it really is pretty sure things start to not work right after a certain amount of time without sexually activity ..anyways the other thing that’s is ripping us apart is he doesn’t really love to talk about us anymore he used to talk about his feelings most of the time with no problem but now he’s like a clam I’d have to have a jackhammer to pry open to let out a silent bubble ..that fucking sucks ass because how am I suppose to fix things if he doesn’t explain what he feels about certain things?? I mean yeah ig most girlfriends would love a bf who speaks his feelings but that’s not what I’m saying I’m saying he does not talk about things like that period..ever..not even if I ask him face to face what is the matter..he would talk to other people about how he’s feeling though destroys me like why won’t you talk to me anymore?? Did I do or say something that made you not want to speak up? He won’t even answer that. I’ve tried everything ..and when the last thing didn’t work I cried and he just sat there and shrugged his shoulders and said “idk”..are you fucking around with me forreal..i gave up entirely at that moment..this relationship I used to be so fucking crazy about to where all I ever wanted to do was be next to him and he was just as bad as I was ..we used to go out on dates and everything now all it’s about is work sleep come home repeat every single day and when he doesn’t have to work he will sit at home and do nothing unless his mother has called about whatever and than he’ll move around outside etc etc..😐😑😫 seriously..anywho before this gets waaay to long I’ll end this right here ttyl random reader¬†

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