Life problem 2nd part

Hey random reader so here i am here to continue my litte escapade So it’s like I’m stuck in the twilight movie hense  the picture current boyfriend is similar to edward..hes cold but says he loves me and is protective of me it’s like he’s scared to even touch me anymore like I’m breakable so he doesn’t touch me at all..his family looks like they all want to eat me half of the time…and my best friend of so many years (internet friend we have never seen each other In person) he is jacob he said he was in love with me ..😳😳 see my problem now “jacob” here says he loves me and calls me pretty and hot and sexy etc etc ..and I eat that all up like I’m starving ..hes warm and kind and he listens to me and talks about his feelings and mine at the same time…he talks about if he ever got that chance to meet in person he would do all of things he said he would do ..and take my word for it it’s slot of things I had a hard time believing him for certain reasons 1. We have never met before in person ..2. I had doubts because I’ve had multiple men saying they loved me .. (to many to count) that’s another novel for another time lol anyways .. And 3. I am broken I will always have my doubts even if my doubts doubt nothing. .I want to say yes to jacob and drop everything ..BUT I love edward ..for a lot of reasons this is where things get hard..i love edward because he and I have this connection no one else would understand he was there for me when things got worse ..and he healed me somewhat and I had fallen so deep in love with him I’m kind swimming in circles in his heart..i don’t know my feelings toward jacob are all jumbled up confused and I hate hurting him like this ..i hate that I can’t please everyone I hate that I always have to turn people down when all they have been was so sweet towards me ..and they turn sour and I hate the shit that comes after being turned down..ugh.. I’m stuck between edward and jacob and I can’t break loose. Gtg random reader ..untill the next escapade 😖😖

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