I was a Jerk

I don’t know who I am. As of this year I woke up from a long 4 year “comatose” state of depression and for those 4 years I was dead inside and I just wanted to die. I was a selfish individual who thought my depression was an okay reason to sometimes do shitty things. I hurt a lot of people…Mainly bestfriends… I loved to much and too fast and blinded myself with an ideal image of what I wanted.  That love became corrupted and turned into pure lust meanwhile disguising itself as love… I thought hey if i cant have love maybe a Fwb with my best friends was a good idea… It wasnt… That turned into confusion and pain for all parties… To those who have had that label with me between 2014 til now. Im sorry…I never meant to hurt you. I cant change the past of my mistakes but i promise to do better.

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