Monday September 3rd

I didn’t text Greg yesterday, and surprise, I didn’t hear from him. I’m tired of this shit. He could fucking say what are you doing or some shit. He doesn’t care about me. I need to get that through my fat head and just stop. I think maybe some people are meant to just be alone and I may be one of them. Yes, that’s what I think. He has lost interest in me a long time ago, but I just kept clutching on like a dumb ass. I should have stopped this shit back in May when he stopped showing interest in me. I guess I thought maybe he was doing it because he found out he was sick and he was not expecting me to deal with it. Well, I have bent over goddam backwards for him all goddam summer and he can’t even say I’m happy to see you or I miss you or you look pretty. Not a goddam thing. Fuck. Fuck. I need to focus on getting my fucking life together. I am in a shit ton of debt, I need to be worried about that- not a fucking boyfriend. 

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