We deserve better

Today I spoke with my brothers ex girlfriend, Kerri, for the first time since 2014. My brother, Mj and I have been estranged since that time. It’s been really hard on me because they have a now 6 year old son that I haven’t been able to be a part of his life. 

I found out last week that they had broken up finally and I got the nerve to reach out to her yesterday. She called me up today and we spent a good hour on the phone catching up. She finally had just gotten up the nerve to throw him out. To finally say I DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER! 

He was awful to her. He disrespected her, humiliated her, insulted her. Treated her like garbage, for YEARS! Additionally, he is manipulative and a user. He’s an alcoholic as well. Once, several years ago, he actually held a knife to her fathers throat….

I’m so glad she is through with him! Well, almost. She goes to court next month to finalize visitation and custody. I hope his time with his son is limited so that poor child has a chance at a normal childhood with out Mj destroying him. 

Mj is the reason I couldn’t have a relationship with Kerri or the kids. He is a monster. He threatened to do horrible things to my family if I didn’t agree to do things for him. I finally said enough. And just cut off all ties. You can only take the abuse so much….

I really hope she and I can keep in touch now that he is no longer controlling her life. I’d love to see my nephew! 

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