Ezekiel 43:10, The God of Second Chances

Ezekiel 43:10,  “Son of man, describe the temple to the people of Israel…” (NIV)

Something that truly astounds me in Scripture is God’s steadfast love. The Lord is deeply patient and long-suffering with mankind. His divine affection, and compassion, is proven in so many ways and examples, just as it is in Ezekiel 43. The book of Ezekiel was a message delivered to exiles in an effort to inspire and instruct exiles. It was also intended to draw the stubborn hearts of a discontented people back to God. Why? Because God is a God who steadfastly loves humanity.  

At this point in history, Jerusalem has been overrun and every significant structure in the capital city of Judah had been decimated and demolished, including the temple. Therefore, when Ezekiel was given a supernatural vision of another temple in Jerusalem it was confirmation that God would take the people back to their homeland. Furthermore, the people would be allowed to exercise faith in God through ceremonial worship in a rebuilt temple. This was essentially God saying to the exiles, “I love you. Although you have been unfaithful to me, and have forsaken me, I have not stopped caring for you. I will bring you back to the land of promise. Once again you can know Me and fellowship with Me. Return your hearts to Me.”

There is something majestic in the way that God operates, in the way that He draws us in. Ezekiel was granted a special revelation specific to the temple, but what stands out is God’s eagerness to dwell, and abide, with mankind. Even in the Old Testament we see a way to have divine fellowship eternally formed with humanity being foreshadowed. The holy wall of separation that existed in the temple would eventually be torn down by Jesus Christ. Praise be to God for such incredible, undeserved love. Praise be to the God of second chances!

Kevin Orr (9/4/2018)

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