2 thoughts on “Felon with a gun”

  1. this is really scary. I once dated a man who couldn’t be honest with me and talked to his ex behind my back. I told him i was done and that its unfair to keep me around if he didnt want to be with me. That same night i told him we were done, i took a shower, and came out to blood everywhere. he not only cut his forearm wide open, he begged me to called the police, told me he loved me and he didnt want to die.
    this night got him a 5150. 3 months later he proposed. stupid me thought i could endure and we can work on it. 1.5 years of being married, nothing ever changed
    the last time i saw him was when i look him in the eye and told him i was leaving him. he muttered and talked to himself as he left the apartment. I went to therapy for a few months and it turned out he is a functioning schizophrenic.
    I am still broken til this day, but i am working on me.

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