I don’t know where I last left you but life is….different. Jordan has a new girlfriend. She’s not exactly an upgrade but she’s a gamer like him so I guess the best of luck to them. He says we’re friends but lately it seems like he only has time for her. And Ethan, his other bestfriend. I could’ve hung out with him last night but I would’ve had to pick his no-drivers-license ass up from his gf’s house. Sounds like a waste of gas to me.

I’m not in love with him anymore. Which is strange for me because I like being in love. I like being all about another person. So it’s different. I miss having someone to love and I really don’t know when it’s gonna happen again. My heart won’t just fall for anybody. Finding a connection like the one we once had is rare. And it sucks. Waiting. Waiting to find that. 

I work at McDonalds now. Yeah, i know, my life is AWESOME lol. I was supposed to start a new daycare job as a toddler teacher but I checked myself into a psych ward instead of driving into the river. That was….something. Something I’ve already processed and don’t wanna write about right this second. However when I get a better camera I would like to make a YouTube series about it. Or possibly write a book. It was one hell of an experience to put it lightly.

McDonalds is okay. Everyone is nice enough. It’s just not where I envisioned my life to be. I’m sure I can find another job but it might take a while to find one that pays higher than 10.50. Jobs don’t always advertise their wage so you could be going into an interview, all dressed up and excited, just to be offered 9.00. No thanks.

My life is pretty boring all I do these days is read teen romance novels and watch porn.

Anyway I gotta apply for some jobs and im supposed to go see my friend Hailey and get drunk. Peace.

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