How the hell does she get away with that?

I will be the first to admit that I do not like Judge Judy! She is short tempered and mean!If you watch her show, she wants you to answer right away and not think about the questions, even if the questions she asks are about something that might have happened as long as six months ago. Now, I ask you, do you remember everything that happened six months ago? If you do then you are a better person than I am because I do not remember every little thing that happened six months back. She has call people liars right over the air. She hasx said that she does not believe some people right on the air. She has even called people idiots on the sir. The things she does and says on her show, I just can’t believe would be allowed in a real court of law, If a real judge, (I do not consider her a real judge) did the things she does and says, then they would be removed from the bench! Maybe, just maybe, it is time to remove Judge Judy from the airways! Upcoming preview: I usally do not do this but I will tell you the subject of my next entry. My next blog / entry will be about the Skagit valley hearld in Mount Vernon, Washington. Untill then, stay safe.

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