Legendary coffee drinks: recipes and where to try

The coffee that you drink speaks about your personality, your taste and style as much as your literary predilections or the choice of a life partner. Drink legendary drinks and be part of the coffee history.

Coffee history is also places, the very ones you need to know. And if you go on a trip, be sure to visit the “places of coffee glory”, where you will discover the standard taste of your favorite drinks. And, of course, in the presence of the original ingredients, you can prepare all these joys of a coffeeman at home.



What to know: Frappe is the only cult coffee drink that uses instant coffee. In 1957, the International Trade Fair was held in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, Nescafe represented a child’s instant drink made of chocolate and milk, which had to be beaten in a blender. And so, the employee of the company Dimitris Kondios, tired of presentations, decided to make himself a cup of coffee. I did not find any hot water, I dissolved the coffee in the cold, added sugar, beat it in foam in a blender and filled it with ice cubes. It turned out frappe. In Greece, you will also prepare frappe with milk and ice cream, it is called “Frapogalo”.

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Where to try: Restaurant Anafiotika (Anafiotika), Mnisikleous, 24B, Plaka, Athens, Greece


How to cook: take two teaspoons of instant coffee, dissolve them in a few tablespoons of cold water, add sugar and whip into the foam with a blender, pour into a tall glass with a straw, throw ice and enjoy life.

Coffee in Vienna

Vienna Coffee

What to know: Do you think that Viennese coffee is coffee with whipped cream? Everyone thinks so. But initially it was just coffee with milk. Now even in the best venues, Vienna uses a recipe with whipped cream. By the way, there is a legend that the coffee merchant Viennese was invented by the Ukrainian merchant Kulchitsy, who was given 300 kg of coffee for the courage in defense of Vienna from the Turks. He began to cook and sell it, and to buy more readily, he added milk and sugar.

Where to try: Cafe “Central” (Caffe “Central”), Herrengasse 14, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Caffe Central

How to cook: Brew coffee in a conventional coffee machine, whip 50 ml of cream. In coffee, add sugar, a whisper of orange peel, a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, sugar. Pour the coffee into the cup and lay a “cap” of the whipped cream on top. You can, of course, and without spices, but classic Viennese coffee is such a luxury that you do not need to be embarrassed – rinse everything.



What to know: Did you hear about the Italian city of Turin? Where is the Turin Shroud, the football team “Juventus” and the automobile factory “FIAT”? So, Turin was once the first capital of the united Italy, so the metropolitan gentlemen, including visiting “stars” like Alexander Dumas and Friedrich Nietzsche, drank a special, capital drink there. It is called “bee-maker”, that is, “glass”. Its composition is simple: espresso, chocolate and cream, but the exact recipe is kept secret by an ancient Turin coffee house.

Where to try: Café Al Bicerin, Piazza della Consolata, 5, 10122 Turin, Italy

Al Bicerin

How to cook: Melt the chocolate bar on a water bath, if necessary, you can add a little milk to the chocolate. Separately whip the cream. Prepare a strong espresso. In a glass pour a piece of hot chocolate, then – carefully! – coffee, and then spread the whipped cream. It is desirable that the layers are not mixed.



What to know: Have you tried and you did not like it? No wonder: disgusting coffee, cheap whiskey and cream from a can can spoil not only the mood, but also digestion. Only the best coffee, only real Irish whiskey and the freshest cream! Apparently, all these ingredients were at hand in 1943 from Joe Sheridan, a chef at a restaurant in Limerick airport, who came up with this warming cocktail to comfort and encourage the passengers of a transatlantic liner that did not fly out due to non-flying weather.

Where to try: Cafe The Stage Door, East Essex Street Dublin 2 City Center, Dublin, Ireland.

The Stage Door

How to cook: So, we will agree immediately on the highest quality of ingredients. Espresso for this drink is not suitable, like the “American” made in a coffee machine – they have a too strong flavor that will not allow “reveal” whiskey. Coffee from a conventional coffee machine – 150-200 ml. Separately whip 50 ml of cream and put on time in the refrigerator. Take two tablespoons of brown sugar and heat with two tablespoons of water so that a syrup is obtained. Pour the syrup into 50 ml of whiskey, shake and pour into the bottom of the preheated glass with boiling water. On the whiskey, carefully pour the coffee, and above all put the whipped cream so that they are not “drowned” in the drink. Top with sprinkled nuts.



What to know: This is perhaps the most “honest” coffee in the world, the extracted “soul” of coffee, which is extracted by a special machine. A coffee machine for espresso was invented by another coffeeman from Turin, Angelo Moriondo, in 1884.

Where to try: Cafe Antico Caffè Greco, Via dei Condotti, 86, 00187 Rome, Italy.

Antico Caffe

How to cook: Are you a lucky owner of an espresso machine and a pack of excellent coffee blends of the correct, super-fine grinding? Then you are the happiest person in the world after George Clooney, who has a Nespresso machine with capsules. True, you need to clearly know the difference between ristretto, lungo, corto and macchiato. Many people think that if there is much less water in the ristretto (15-20 ml), then it is more concentrated and there is more caffeine in it. Quite the opposite: this amount of water manages to draw out all the aroma and tannins from coffee, so the taste of such a small portion is really more saturated, but not caffeine – there is less caffeine here than in “lungo”. In turn, “Lungo”, in which 120-170 ml of water – is not so fragrant, but there is more caffeine in it. Coffee «macchiato» is such espresso, to which, according to your desire, a micro-jug with cold or hot milk is served. But “corto” is not espresso at all, it’s coffee brewed in a mocha or Neapolitan coffee machine, but with half the amount of water (50-60 ml), and there is as much caffeine in it as in a full “lungo”.



What to know: We watched the French comedy “Bobro Pistolate,” where a Frenchman from Provence goes north to Picardy, where everyone speaks a funny dialect, they eat and drink incomprehensibly what, but in the end turn out to be wonderful guys? Well, the dialect is called “shti” (ch`ti) and the coffee that they drink is also called “shti”.

Where to try: in any restaurant of the network “Le Ch’ti Charivari”, for example, in Amiens: 2 Rue des Jacobins, 80000 Amiens, France.

Le Ch’ti Charivari

How to cook: Prepare coffee in a conventional coffee machine, not espresso. Pound the yolk in the cup with a little sugar, pour the coffee, gently mix. Then dunk a piece of sugar in the coffee, put it under your tongue and sip this divine drink.



What to know: In the patent database of Ukraine under the number of patent 33023 dated February 15, 2001 the liquor “Kavivka” appears. The authors of the patented recipe are: “Vasilina Tadei Vasilovich, Mokrii Єvgen Mikolaevich, Dzіnjak Bogdan Ostapovich, Mokrivsky Theodor Mikhailovich, Prokopchuk Mihailo Yakovich, Budzan Boris Ivanovich.” Therefore, you can drink it only in the best Lviv coffee shops .

Where to try: Lvivska kavali kavi, Market Square, 10, Lviv, Ukraine.

Lvivska kavali

How to cook: This kavivku you will drink in coffee shops, and at home you can prepare this version of coffee liqueur: cook 250 ml of espresso, dissolve in it 450 g of sugar to make a syrup. In a cooled syrup, add 500 ml of 50% vodka and a vanilla pod. Let all insist for 6 days. Then filter. And drink. Observing the measure, of course.

If you are not glamorous at all, in your opinion, ashamed to confess to friends, drink in the office ground coffee boiled with boiling water, then you know, it’s you who drink the legendary coffee in Brazil, cafezinhno, you are a star!

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