What do you do when you discover your passion later in life? I was always under The impression that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. I finally figured out the best career path for me. However, all I have encountered are roadblocks and doubt. I am not expecting anyone to hold my hand but a little bit of encouragement would be nice. Instead people want me to be complacent and just give up on my dreams. There is only one problem. If I give up on my dreams, I will give up my urge to live. The two are intertwined. It is my dream and my constant pursuit of the unknown that keeps me alive. I need that challenge and I want to make sure that I can take care of myself and my Mom in the future.

My life is not a fairy tale and I know that I will have to fight for everything. I don’t want to settle down. If I had it my way, I would finish grad school and then move the hell away from here. I would start living my life and try to make new friends. Other than my best friends, I was surrounded by people that were fake. I am done with that. I am ready to change my narrative. I want to write a new story in which I am living where I want and working and actually happy. But it seems so unobtainable like a mirage on the horizon. 

I was talking to this guy and I even wanted to date him. We were friends for quite some time but I realized that it would never work. I could never be with a man that would discourage me and try to manipulate me. It felt like I was oil and he was water. We just don’t mix.  There was no need for me to say anything and he was too much of a player and narcissist to realize he hurt my feelings. So, I simply removed him from my social media and never looked back. 

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